Biltmore Masonic Lodge #446

Mason of the Year

LewisThis year’s Mason of the Year is shared by a Sanford and Alice Lewis.

Sanford often works on the broken and bent things in the lodge. He never boasts of these works because he simply sees that they need doing and does it. The Master can rely upon him to attend funerals and his care for the family of the deceased is commendable. You will always find him sitting in the south-west side of the lodge for stated and emergent communications. Sanford always has a kind greeting and handshake.  Alice works along with her husband to keep the lodge hall clean and inviting.

Sanford and Alice are pictured here with their daughter and her husband.

Thanks to the Lewis’ for all the hard work!


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George Vanderbilt allows Biltmore Masonic Lodge to locate on his property


Many of the men called upon to assist Mr. George W. Vanderbilt in building his famous ‘Biltmore House’ were Freemasons and desired a lodge of their own near their place of work.  Mr. Vanderbilt allowed Biltmore Lodge No. 446 to locate on his property and the lodge has remained in the Biltmore Village ever since.

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