Biltmore Masonic Lodge #446

Biltmore Lodge 2015 Officers

Officers_2015We have once again completed another cycle of the calendar, ending one Masonic year and embarking upon the next.  The accomplishments of this year have been recorded and placed in our lodge archives.  Each officer can now reflect back on his personal growth and move onward with the additional experience of leadership.

We are grateful for the dedication and leadership of the 2014 officers and now anticipate those of the 2015 team. The election of the officers was held on December 1 followed by the installation on December 6.

The Ceremonies of Installation began with a meal followed by the pomp and circumstance of the event.   WB Anthony Stroupe served as the Installing Master, WB Tommy Israel as the Marshal and WB Mike Gaddy was the Chaplain.   Each officer was duly installed...

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George Vanderbilt Allows Biltmore Lodge to Locate on His Property

GW Vanderbilt“After sanction from Mr. George W. Vanderbilt for operation of a lodge, on what is now known as the Biltmore Estate, approval was sought from Mount Hermon Lodge No. 118 and Asheville Lodge No. 410 to create a lodge under dispensation.  Though not a Freemason himself Vanderbilt had many men in his employee that were and understood the need for a lodge.  Thus Biltmore Lodge No. 446 became a fixture in the Biltmore Village on March 24, 1891.”





George Washington Vanderbilt

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