Biltmore Masonic Lodge #446

George Vanderbilt Allows Biltmore Lodge to Locate on His Property

GW VanderbiltAfter sanction from Mr. George W. Vanderbilt for operation of a lodge, on what is now known as the Biltmore Estate, approval was sought from Mount Hermon Lodge No. 118 and Asheville Lodge No. 410 to create a lodge under dispensation.  Though not a Mason himself Vanderbilt had many men in his employee that were and understood the need for a lodge.  Thus Biltmore Lodge No. 446 became a fixture in the Biltmore Village on March 24, 1891.





George Washington Vanderbilt

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Masons honor Gov. Vance

On St. John the Evangelist Day in 1895 the Masons of Asheville, NC and surrounding areas gathered to dedicate the Vance Monument located on Pack Square in downtown.

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