Storm Causes Tree to Fall on Our Roof

If you look at the 50 states, each one has different weather, terrain, animals, and people in general.  All the different variables and many more that I haven’t listed are things people consider when trying to figure out where they want to move. The founder of our establishment picks Queens County, New York because that’s where he grew up.  I don’t believe he put much thought into it beyond that, or we probably would have moved to a state that doesn’t have such high taxes, but I digress.  The weather in Queens is the thing that bothers me almost as much as the taxes. 

Our building was built more than 60 years ago, so we’ve seen our fair share of thunderstorms and crazy high winds.  The latest storm tops them all though because of the damage is caused to the building.  We’re surrounded by trees on 3 sides, so that’s not great.  The wind was so strong that it cracked a very large limb, which then fell onto the roof and smashed a hole through the ceiling.  We called a tree service to handle the tree situation right away and they got to work taking it down.  While that was happening, we called the emergency roofing service line at Queens Roofing Contractors to report the damage to our roof and to get them to handle the repair.  Queens Roofing Contractors sent over a team of roofers within 15 minutes who worked with the tree company to remove the limb and clear out the debris from the top floor.  They then setup temporary water prevention aids while contacting the property insurance company to help us handle the roof repair quote.  It was a lifesaver having them there because they insurance company actually paid for a completely new roof.

Queens Roofing Contractors came back the following day and removed the plastic water prevention measures and began reconstruction.  The roof was flat before, but since we were redoing it, we took the opportunity to add some slope that might help avoid tree limb damage and other problems in the future.  The whole process took 2 days and we had a brand-new asphalt shingle roof.  I can’t thank Queens Roofing Contractors enough for their great work and the speed at which they arrived on the scene.  Every second counts when water is rushing into your building, and it hurts to know there’s nothing you can do about it.  But, like I said, these roofers were fast and efficient.  I would happily recommend them to anyone I know who needs roof work done, especially in an emergency like it was this time around.