Why It’s Smart to Repave Your Parking Lot

The US is the most sue-happy nation on the planet. Ever since people discovered that you can sue companies for dumb things, they’ve searched for ways to make money scamming the system. It doesn’t always happen, but a bad apple or two always seems to harm good companies. If your parking lot has some holes and cracks in the pavement, it’s time to get them fixed to avoid the potential lawsuit.

Searching the internet for examples, it’s easy to see why repaving the parking lot is a smart move for the business. In July 2011, there was a college student who won $375,000 against a school because she tripped and fell after stepping in a 6-inch pothole near her handicap parking space. That kind of money is enough to tank most local businesses.

Take New York City as another example. There’s a NYC Sidewalk law, labeled Section 7-210, that shifts the responsibility for sidewalk damage to the property owners. Property owners in New York City have paid nearly $200 million since that law was passed.

As you can see, it’s not wise to ignore potholes or cracks in your driveway or commercial parking lot. Our parking lot is almost 120 yards long and had only been paved one time since it was created, so there was a number of fissures throughout the space. There was also a couple larger potholes on the right edge. We called Perfect Pave of Albany to resurface the blacktop for us and repair the entire parking lot. Their paving contractors installed asphalt and paved it perfectly, knocking out the entire project in a few hours. All of the potholes were filled in and covered. I have to say that the results were great. The parking lot is now smooth and doesn’t have a single crack in it. That right there makes the project worth the money because we can avoid a potentially costly lawsuit from a parking lot accident.

If you’re looking to pave a parking lot for a mall, office building, or other commercial space, we recommend contacting Perfect Pave by visiting their website at www.albanypavingnearme.com or by calling them directly at (518) 223-9346. We were very happy with their work and we’re sure you will be too.