Biltmore Masonic Lodge #446

A Recent Discovery


A recently rediscovered artifact found in the attic of the Lodge.  Biltmore’s current building was purchased for a little over $13,000.  The membership pitched in to help clear the debt quickly.  A reminder of that effort can still be found in the attic of the lodge.  A hand painted plywood board depicting a thermometer showing the progress of money raising effort is being used as a cover for the grating found above the Senior Warden’s station.

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Biltmore Lodge Gate


This artistic rendering of the Lodge Gate entrance to the world famous Biltmore Estate was chosen for display on our web page for several reasons.  First, it is believed by the Masons of Biltmore Lodge that the gate was thus named because of the proximity of the Masonic  Lodge to the entrance.  Secondly, the street that runs to it from the Village is named Lodge Street. And last but certainly not least, the art work is unique and beautiful.

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