Biltmore Masonic Lodge #446

A Lost Relic Recovered

Recently, WB Joe Rhew found a very old Bahnson Manual lying in an antique shop.  He purchased it for storage in the lodge archives.  The cover IMG_1166is made of leather and is well worn.  The odd thing about it is what appears to be the front is actually the back. You see, the very old manuals had the gold printed lettering and Masonic Square and Compasses on the back cover and this back cover had a flap which closed over the front cover to keep the page edges secure and clean.  Just inside the front cover, written is a halting script were the following words: “This book belongs to Thomas H. Bishop.  Was made a Master Mason April 11, 1910”.  It was later discovered that Brother Bishop was a member of Biltmore Masonic Lodge.

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Great Flood of 1916 Remembered

The ‘Great FloodLipe stone of July 1916’ killed dozens in Western North Carolina and cost millions of dollars in damage.  On this centennial, Biltmore Lodge wishes to remember the selfless act of heroism of one of its own.

Biltmore Estate Fire Department Captain James Cornelius Lipe lost his life in the 1916 flood that ravaged Biltmore Village.  He made a valiant effort to save his daughter Kathleen, two nurses; Vicki Foister and Charlotte Walker and Charlotte’s fifteen year old sister Marion from the rising flood waters of the Swannanoa River. After hours of holding on to a tree strength finally failed and all were swept away and drowned except for Kathleen.

The following Resolution of Respect was found in the archives of Biltmore Lodge:  “Whereas, on the 16th day of July, 1916, our beloved...

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